Chick Flicks to Watch For Your Next Girls’ Night

Let’s admit it, we all have those nights when we simply don’t want to be at the club drinking our sorrows away and partying like tomorrow will never come. Instead, we want to have a girls’ night and enjoy some time with our besties applying nail polish and talking about our ever-lasting problems. 

Calm nights like those can very healing to you and is also a good change of pace. For such times, you also need some good movies to watch while you enjoy the snacks. Of course, this is the perfect time for chick flicks which can be anything ranging from rom-coms, period dramas, and more. 

So now, you have decided on the events of that night, but what about the movies? Which movies should you watch to enjoy your time and not get bored easily? If that’s what you’re thinking, you have landed at the right place – here’s the complete list for you. 

Below, we have compiled a list of the greatest chick flicks to watch, at least in our opinion for your girls’ night. So, let’s get right into it!

  • The Notebook

Don’t we all love a classic and passionate love story about a poor boy and a nice girl? While the storyline is pretty cliché, it doesn’t stop the movie from being a great film. Believe it or not, the movie is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks and it has the same name too. 

The storyline follows a typical summer romance between Noah Calhoun and Allison Hamilton. After many difficulties and challenges that test their love repeatedly, the two finally get their happy ending, however, many would also think it wasn’t happy enough. Well, whatever your opinion, be sure to grab a box of tissues before watching the movie!

  • Grease

This film follows the story of Danny and Sandy and their love for each other. Another cliché sort of film where both the characters are attracted to each other and yet, they have to be separated. Once they both realize they’re in the same high school, what happens next? In an almost comical series of events, the couple’s relationship is always “on and off” and eventually, they end up being together. The film is a light watch and has great musical numbers! The perfect film for a girls’ night!

  • Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids is a comedy film that follows Annie, a single woman in her mid-thirties who has been invited by Lillian, her best friend, to be the bridesmaid in her wedding. Soon after, Annie gets to meet the other bridesmaids and becomes jealous of Helen, another one of Lillian’s bridesmaids, who also happens to be the groom’s boss’ wife. 

A competition ensues which leads to Annie losing horribly and she ends up losing her friend, job, home, and love interest. As she realizes her mistakes and tries to understand and slowly resolve her issues, the movie makes for a great chick flick to lift up your mood.

  • The Devil Wears Prada

Here’s another classic chick flick that deserves to be watched and enjoyed more than once. It is an ultimate, feel-good empowering movie revolving around the protagonist, Andrea Sachs, who is living with her boyfriend and is trying to be a journalist.

However, when an opportunity lands on her feet, it is as an assistant to the fashionable Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of the Runway Magazine. Andrea decides to put up with Miranda’s demands and humiliating treatment, just so she can get a better opportunity somewhere as a journalist after the experience letter from this position. 

Not only is this movie full of amazing fashion, but you see Andrea struggling with the stress of her job and personal life before she eventually cannot do it anymore. The ending of this movie is good and is definitely a must-watch for girls’ night.

  • Mean Girls

A relatable movie for this generation? Well, Mean girls is what you’re looking for. Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan have delivered a perfect rendition of high school in the show, along with the pettiness and priorities of high school girls. It will surely make you start reminiscing about your own teenage priorities and obviously even embarrassing moments. 

It is a hilarious film following Cady Heron, the homeschooled girl who has just enrolled in North Shore High School and soon befriends Janis and Damian, the outcasts of the school. Soon after, she becomes one of the “Plastics”, which leads her life to descend into further drama, which of course ends in her losing her friends and later, having to come clean and “start over”. It’s a fun, light-hearted film perfect for a girls’ night. 

  • Clueless

Another film with a similar vibe to Mean girls is Clueless. After all, it’s like the ultimate teen film of the 90s, whereas Mean girls’ is the classic teen film of the 2000s. Unexpected romances, the life of the rich and famous and so much more to see in these fun-packed films. 

The story follows Cher Horowitz, the shopaholic, and the good-natured young girl who decides to play matchmaker for two of her teachers after getting a bad grade. Soon after, when she sees that the teachers are now happy with each other, she decides to continue doing her acts of goodness and make other people’s lives better by continuing to play matchmaker. In doing so, she realizes not everyone is meant for each other and she also ends up finding her own happiness, as well during that process.

  • Legally Blonde

Being blonde and liking pink does not necessarily mean you are a “dumb blonde”. This is exactly the story for this movie, where a fashionable student, Elle Woods is living her life as happily as she could. When out on a date with her boyfriend, she thinks he is about to propose to her but she quickly realizes how wrong she is when he breaks up with her. 

His reason for breaking up with her was that she wasn’t smart enough or wasn’t suited to the lifestyle of a law student. To win him back, she decides to give it her all and gets accepted into Harvard Law School. Throughout this movie, you see Elle learning her own value and instead of focusing on winning her ex-boyfriend back, she matures and grows as a person.

  • Titanic

Need we say more about this? The iconic love story of Jack and Rose certainly needs no introduction. Released decades ago in 1996, Titanic is still ranked among the most popular and frequently-watched movies around the world.

Of course, this needs to be on the list because how else would you enjoy your girls’ night, if not by shedding a few tears, or a lot. But at the end of the day, it shouldn’t stop you from appreciating a good movie, right? 

Where Can You Watch These?

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The Bottom-Line

So, that brings an end to our list of movies to enjoy on a girls’ night. While there are tons more that can be further added to this list, we’ll have to end the list with just these. 

We hope you have finally found some very good options for your movie night. Do let us know in the comments below which chick flicks are you planning to watch from the list. 

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