10 Things to Know About Getting Life Insurance for Your Child

Insurance for Your Child

Do you want your children to have a Head Start in life? Good! So do we. I bought my son a Head Start when he was 31 days old. What is a Head Start? 

A Head Start is a permanent life insurance policy for your children. It’s more flexible than a RESP. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should definitely look at getting a Head Start for your kids unless you hate tax free growth and lifetime protection. RESPs are not great for entrepreneurs that shelter their money in corporations. Head Starts are a better option to help finance your children’s future life goals without limiting them to just post-secondary education like an RESP does. If you’re salaried, then using an RESP and a Head Start is a beautiful thing because you can get the benefit of both. Either way, getting a Head Start for you children will put them way ahead of their peer group. You and your kids will be better humans if you have a Head Start.

Today’s children and grandchildren have pretty much everything they need. Give your children a Head Start for tomorrow, permanent life insurance for children. It’s a Head Start they deserve. 

Take this concept of a Head Start to your parents. Grandparents love spoiling their grandkids. Only this time it’s not plastic toys and hard candy, it’s something spectacular; giving them lifetime life insurance and millions of dollars. 


It might sound strange, but you’re not buying life insurance on the child, you’re really buying life insurance on the adult the child will become. It’s not morbid or morose. So just get over that non sense. Permanent life insurance makes perfect sense. Don’t you wish your parents bought you life insurance when you were a baby? Of course you do. Then you would not have to pay for it or go through the process as an adult. That’s a win win for parents and children alike. 

But there are many reasons for buying life insurance on a child…

What a Head Start does:

1.) A Head Start Provides lifetime life insurance coverage for your kids at a fraction of the cost an adult would have to pay. You get more bang for the buck buying life insurance on babies. Your bundle of joy just needs to be 31 days old and you’re able to protect them for life with a Head Start. What sane and decent parent does not want to protect their offspring? 

2.) A Head Start transfers money from you to your child in a tax efficient manner. Your tax rate is higher than your babies. We love Canada but the taxes are ridiculously high. If you earn over $220,000 a year your tax bracket is 54%… that’s sporty. Thankfully your child’s tax rate is zero point zero percent. Use that to your advantage. Unless you love hemorrhaging money to Ottawa, buy a Head Start and shelter your precious dollars using your child’s life. 

3.) A Head Start pays for their education, buying a house, buying a car, starting a business or anything they need once they are off your payroll. Unlike an RESP, which is super restrictive, a Head Start can be used for ANYTHING. So, go ahead and dream big. Get something spectacular. 

4.) A Head Start gives you access and control over the cash. If your little bundle of joy goes off the rails for a couple years. No worries, you control the money. Once they find their way back, you can treat them to tax free money. The policy is on your child’s life but you control the purse strings. 

5.) In the highly unlikely event that your child does die, a Head Start protects a family’s financial security by making cash available so parents can stop working and give them time deal with the loss. You need time to grieve. A Head Start gives you money so that you can take the time. Without money you’re working as usual. That would suck a lot.  

6.) You can fund the Head Start super-fast. If you’re cashed up you can cram all the money into the policy in 10 years or take your time and do it over 20. Nice and easy. 

7.) Creates a stable investment option with tax-advantaged growth and cash value that can be accessed to fund education.

8.) Head Starts make a lot of money over time. Remember how your parents told you to save cash. The power of compounding. They gave you the example of save a dollar every month and then reinvest the interest in 50 years.. it would be worth a million bucks. Blah blah blah. Remember that? I sure do. The funny thing is they were right!!! Compounding does work and it’s kinda magical. Check this out: if you put in $5000 a year into a head start on a one-year-old child for 20 years, so $100,000 in total, you would get two really nice numbers. At age 100 because your kids will live to be 100 for sure, your children will have about $5 million in cash built up in the policy and about $6 million in death benefit. All 100% tax free!!! Wow that beats the shit out of a RESP or a savings account. 

9.) With Head Starts there are no medical tests, no blood, no pee and no nonsense. It’s simple and fast. So too, it’s all online so you don’t have to meet with an annoying life insurance broker. Thank god. 

10.) Lastly a Head Start can help you teach your children about finances. Do you want your kids to be financially literate? Speaking to them about how the Head Start works is a good way to get them engaged in how finances and insurance works. Be a good parent and teach them how to manage money. My parents never taught me how important finances are, and now all I can do is write blogs about other people getting rich. LOL. Do better for your kids, give them the gift of knowledge and tax-free money with a Head Start. 

Why dropdead is the best:

  • You get the cheapest price
  • You’re insured by 117 year old Canadian company – Assumption Life
  • You get a FREE Will

We are the cheapest, simplest and fastest life insurance option in Canada and you get a FREE Will. That’s a win, win, win for YOU!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Become a living legend to your kids. Buy a head start today from dropdead and all your cares and worries about your child’s future will disappear, just like magic. 

Your kids will thank you a million times. Do it!! Author’s Bio

Colin Hegarty is a content writer for BreezeMaxWeb that helps businesses showcase their brand through enticing copy. When he’s not working, you can find him playing net in a local beer league or biking around the city. 

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